How it works

InspectWISE is an integrated iPad + Cloud service for managing and sharing inspections.

Get started with these 4 easy steps

1. Download the free InspectWISE app

To get started, visit the AppStore and download the free InpectWISE app for iPad. Search for 'inspectwise' to locate it. Once you've installed the app successfully on your iPad, you're ready to begin a new way of capturing and managing your on-site inspections.

2. Create your inspection projects

Start creating new projects right away on the iPad and associate as many inspections as you need. A project might be a specific site location, a geographic boundary or even an entire region. Capture photos and custom data fields as part of the inspection process.

3. Synchonise with your Cloud account

Once you've created your inspections, you'll want to store them in a secure location as well as backup your iPad. When you're ready, sign up for one of the InspectWISE plans. Once you've created your account, enter the account details into the Configuration panel. This will synchronize your iPad with your unique Cloud account.

4. Manage and share inspections with others

With your inspections now securely stored in the Cloud, create user accounts and invite partners and customers to log in and view the inspections. You can assign individual inspections to individual accounts, allowing you to control what 3rd parties can access when they log into your Cloud environment.

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